Home Equity Lines

Home Equity Lines

  • 2nd Mortgage Home Equity Line up to 90% of home value

  • Get cash out for anything such as paying off debts, home remodel, or a new home down payment

  • Avoid mortgage insurance with a Combo 80% 1st Mortgage & 10% Home Equity Loan!

  • Primary Residence or 2nd Home

  • 700 credit score

  • 30 Year Term

  • 10 Year Draw Period, then a 20 Year Repay Period

  • 90% total loan to value credit lineup to $350,000

  • 80% total loan to value credit line up to $500,000

  • Single family, Condo, Townhome, Duplex

  • Avoid Mortgage Insurance with a combo 1st and 2nd Home Equity Loan!
    o Purchase Combo Loan: 10% Down payment with 10% Home Equity Line & 80% 1st mortgage loan
    o Refinance Combo Loan: Eliminate existing mortgage insurance. Refinance your existing mortgage with a Combo 1st and 2nd Home Equity loan.

  • Create Non-Contingent Offers on a new home. Get down payment cash out with a home equity line on the existing home o Competitive Price Advantage on the Purchase of the New Home
    o No added Stress/Pressure to Sell Existing Property
    o Time to Stage and Show Existing Property Properly and Get Better Offers!

  • Non-Resident Aliens OK- Provide Immigrant VISA; copy of unexpired foreign passport and I-94 or I-797A form.

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